We are your bros!

František a Kamil

We’ve got your back in today’s digital world.

You and us will work together like clockwork, relying on solid fundaments: eagerness, technical prowess and dedication to deadlines.

What do we solve for companies?

We’re in this thing together. We come around once a week and freshen up stuff: each piece of the chain gets a tune-up of sorts. Emails, server, NAS, printers. We help you put the ticks in the right boxes and make sure the first start is a successful one.

Google apps

The best email service on your domain. And online docs. No more tedious juggling with multiple document versions.


NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a data storage point available via local network.

When the tech fails you

We fix your broken iPhone, pep-up your sluggish MacBook. Need a new rig? Let us do the config. Even when it comes to specific purpose tech, sky is the limit.

iPhone repairs

High quality spares, quickness, friendly price.

Apple repairs

Mac OS re-install, performance upgrade via SSD drive. Saving a soaked Mac from the Silicon Heaven.


We put up a web page for you, produce HTML5 banners and plant them into the Google AdWords network.

HTML5 Banners

Coded banners for AdWords, Google Double Click and more!

Google ADs Campaigns

We will bring your page to the top of the list.


iBros s.r.o.

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